Mater Dolorosa - Teatr Lalka

For children aged 12+

Mater Dolorosa

Duration: 50 minutes

Premiere: April 5, 2017

Direction and stage design: Daria Kopiec
Music compilation and vocal preparation: Kacper Kuszewski
Music and arrangement: Natalia Czekała, Krzysztof Guzewicz, Karolina Matuszkiewicz
Choreography: Aneta Jankowska

Cast: Beata Duda-Perzyna, Aneta Harasimczuk, Anna Porusiło-Dużyńska, Grzegorz Feluś, Wojciech Pałęcki

For children aged 12+


Premiere: April 5, 2017

The portrait of the Holy Mother from the sacred and everyday perspectives. Liturgical, secular and folk songs accompany poetic pictures, scenes of the life of mother who loses her child.  The motif of mourning is an inherent element of the cycle of life and death. Time spreads from the Biblical parable to the present. The figure of the mother generates reflections on the miracle of birth and the pain of death.

Coproduction of the Teatr Lalka with the Festival Nowe Epifanie/Gorzkie Żale (New Epiphanies/Lenten Psalms).

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