Timothy Rymcimci - Teatr Lalka

For children aged 3+

Timothy Rymcimci

Duration: 60 minutes

Premiere: September 12, 2020

Direction: Jarosław Antoniuk
Set design and puppets: Eva Farkašová
Music: Bogdan Szczepański



Cast: Bartosz Budny, Aneta Jucejko-Pałęcka, Wojciech Pałęcki, Andrzej Perzyna, Wojciech Słupiński 

For children aged 3+


Premiere: September 12, 2020

The bear Timothy Rymcimci is one of the most likeable characters in puppet theatre. He was created over half a century ago by the distinguished director and head of our theatre, Jan Wilkowski. 


  Several generations of Polish children have grown up with Timothy, but Rymcimci remains a little bear trying to understand the world around him and share it with the youngest audiences.

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