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Workshops at Teatr Lalka:

Ele-mele-dudki Little Theatre, Cervantes’ Lab., Grzegorz Turnau’s concerts and music workshops with Yamaha, vocal/percussion workshops, backstage tours, theatre lessons.

Ele-mele-dudki Little Theatre
Theatre Primary
Cervantes' Laboratory
Grzegorz Turnau. The Moon in a Bowl: Family's Encounters with Music
Theatre Lesson
Parliament of King Maciuś
Vocal/percussion workshops
Backstage Tour
Take a fairy tale to the ends of the earth
Children's College 
New Year's Eve Party for children

Children's College. "Discover the theatre with the characters of English tales"

The Children’s College at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw is a “junior university” for students age 7–12. In the upcoming academic year 2019/20, Collegium Civitas is continuing classes for young students, inspired by the concept of the first Children’s University established in 2002 in Tübingen, Germany. The mission of the Children’s College is to share knowledge with children as a real tool for understanding a faster and faster changing world, in a contemporary and accessible format. The motto of the program is “I want to know!” The Children’s College and Teatr Lalka invite young people to join a series of theatre workshops introducing youngsters to the enchanted world of theatre. During the course children will create their own stories and bring their characters to life. The participants will explore backstage at Teatr Lalka to learn all the phases of work that go into presenting a show. They will learn about the work of actors, how the set and props are prepared, and how makeup can transform anyone into a fairytale character. Their guides and caretakers on this journey through the world of theatre will be recognized, successful theatre professionals: actors, directors, a choreographer, set designer, makeup artist, costume designer, pianist, composer, and vocalist.
The sessions will be conducted in a workshop format and held at Collegium Civitas and Teatr Lalka.
Registration began 1 June 2019
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Open Stage

The young people’s group directed by the actor of Teatr Lalka Roman Holc and the choreographer and theatre instructor Katarzyna Uhma works on performances inspired by their own lifes experiences. The last premiere of the Open Stage was Super Planet on 13th May 2019. 

Café Tarabuk

Teatr Lalka is home to the Tarabuk bookstore and café, where you can buy books, participate in family meetings, educational workshops and “Tarabajanie”—listening to fairy tales. During the school holidays Tarabuk organizes a literary play centre. More information: