The Sand Wolf - Teatr Lalka

For children aged 4+

The Sand Wolf

Duration: 50 minutes

Premiere: February 10, 2019

Translation: Agnieszka Stróżyk
Adaptation and direction: Julia Szmyt (Academy of Dramatic Art)
Stage design: Wiktoria Grzybowska
Music: Paweł Szamburski and Patryk Zakrocki
Animations: Wiktoria Grzybowska, Mateusz Król, Bartłomiej Olszewski
Asistant director: Rafał Derkacz

Cast: Alicja Czerniewicz (guest appearance), Rafał Derkacz, Piotr Tworek.

For children aged 4+

design Robert Czajka

Premiere: February 10, 2019

When the Sand Wolf is with you, you can feel safe. He is your guardian, helps explain the world’s mysteries, he can answer the toughest questions. 

  The adventures of Zackarina and her golden friend, known from the popular books by Swedish author Åsa Lind, will be performed by actors and puppets on the Foyer Stage. Although aimed at young viewers, it may also interest older ones.

design Robert Czajka

Music award for Paweł Szamburski and Patryk Zakrocki at the 32nd Valise International Festival of Puppet Theatres in Łomża.

2019 Sunflowers award from Czas Dzieci for the greatest developmental initiative for children age 0–14 in the Language category.

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