Knight of the Christmas Star - Teatr Lalka

For children aged 8+

Knight of the Christmas Star

Duration: 80 minutes

Premiere: January 3, 2021

Adaptation, lyrics: Jarosław Kilian, Aleksandra Rembowska
Direction: Jarosław Kilian
Set design and puppets: Józef Wilkoń
Costumes: Martyna Kander
Puppet sculptures: Rafał Budnik 
Music and arrangements: Grzegorz Turnau 
Recording cooperation and execution: Paweł Piątek
Vocal preparation: Aldona Krasucka
Choreography: Iwona Runowska
Lighting direction: Maciej Igielski
Director’s assistant: Wojciech Pałęcki

Cast: Rafał Derkacz, Grzegorz Feluś, Aneta Harasimczuk, Tomasz Mazurek, Wojciech Pałęcki, Andrzej Perzyna, Anna Porusiło-Dużyńska, Olga Ryl-Krystianowska, Piotr Tworek

For children aged 8+


Premiere: January 3, 2021

A glorious future is foretold for the king’s orphaned son Gotfryd. But before that can happen, the young man must learn poverty, experience abuse and exile. 

Gotfryd wins the hand of his beloved, defends his homeland, and tricks the devil himself. Can he win back the throne? The path he follows is full of adventures and dangers. In this initiation, while overcoming evil the hero tastes contempt and victory. The story of the indomitable knight is recounted in the theatre by actors animating wooden figures—sculptures designed by Józef Wilkoń.

With funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage—Fund for Promotion of Culture, with support from the Culture Office of the City of Warsaw. 

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