Wojciech Pałęcki - Teatr Lalka



photo by Magda Hueckel



At Teatr Lalka since 1993. A graduate of the Department of Puppet Theatre Arts at the Aleksander Zelwerowicz State Academy of Drama in Białystok (1992) and postgraduate management studies for artists and animators of culture at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw (2006).

He made his debut as a student of the Pantomime School attached to Teatr Żydowski (the Jewish Theatre) in Warsaw (1998). During his studies he founded a private theatre called Teatr Rzeczy Znalezionych (Theatre of Found Objects), based in Opole (1991), where besides producing shows he ran workshops for young adults. In 1992–1993 at Teatr Dramatyczny in Elbląg. In 2008–2010 he played as a guest at Teatr Bajka in Warsaw.

He is active in theatre education, conducting a series of lessons for children and young adults, and producing special theatre shows where he promotes other forms of artistic activity.


His best-known roles include Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol, directed by Marián Pecko, and the title roles in Macbeth, directed by Artur Tyszkiewicz, and Robinson Crusoe, directed by Ondrej Spišák.

Roles in some of Teatr Lalka’s productions:

    KRÓL (King)
    in Dialog na Święto Narodzenia Chrystusa Pana (Dialogue for the Celebration of the Nativity),
    1993, directed by Wojciech Szelachowski

    in Robinson Crusoe,
    1994, directed by Ondrej Spišák

    BESTIA (Beast)
    in Bestia i Piękna (Beast and the Beauty),
    1994, directed by Jarosław Kilian

    SMOK (Dragon)
    in Rudy Dżil i jego pies (Red-haired Giles and His Dog)
    1994, directed by Ondrej Spišák

    in Orfeusz (Orpheus),
    1995, directed by Zygmunt Smandzik

    in Opowieść wigilijna (A Christmas Carol),
    1995, directed by Marián Pecko

    ŚW. SEMON (St Simon)
    in Spowiedź w drewnie (A Confession in Wood),
    1995, directed by Jan Wilkowski

    in Makbet (Macbeth),
    1996, directed by Artur Tyszkiewicz

    in Wyprawa do wnętrza ziemi (Journey to the Centre of the Earth),
    1997, directed by Ondrej Spišák

    MISTRZ ALBERTUS, DIABEŁ (Master Albertus, Devil)
    in Ośla serenada (The Donkey’s Serenade),
    1997, directed by Wiesław Czołpiński

    ODYSEUSZ (Odysseus)
    in Odyseja (Odyssey),
    1999, directed by Ondrej Spišák

    MEFISTOFELES (Mephistopheles)
    in Faust i inni (Faust and Others),
    2000, directed by Maciej Wojtyszko

    KSIĄŻĘ (Prince)
    in Mała Syrena (The Little Mermaid),
    2000, directed by Petr Nosálek

    in Państwo Fajnackich (The Fajnaccy),
    2001, directed by Wojciech Szelachowski

    in Merlin Czarodziej (Merlin the Magician),
    2002, directed by Wojciech Szelachowski

    LEKARZ, DRZEWO, LOKAJ (Doctor, Tree, Servant)
    in Król Olch (The Erlking),
    2003, directed by Marek Ciunel

    KRÓL (King)
    in Kopciuszek (Cinderella),
    2004, directed by Josef Krofta

    in Sklep z zabawkami (The Toy Shop),
    2005, directed by Łukasz Kos

    in Cuda w budzie, czyli Demo teatru Lalka (The Miracles in the Shed, or the Demo of Teatr Lalka),
    2006, directed by Wojciech Szelachowski

    KRÓL CHULIGANÓW (King of the Hooligans)
    in Ostatni tatuś (The Last Daddy),
    2007, directed by Michał Walczak

    MONSTRUM, TUBYLEC (Monster, Native)
    in Kino Palace (Palace Cinema),
    2008, directed by Marek Zákostelecký

    TATA (Dad)
    in Daszeńka,
    2011, directed by Jakub Krofta

    in Tajemnicze dziecko (The Strange Child),
    2012, directed by Marián Pecko

    TATA DŻEKA, PAN LI (Jack’s Father, Mr Li)
    in Bankructwo małego Dżeka (The Bankruptcy of Little Jack),
    2014, directed by Łukasz Kos

    in Wakacje Mikołajka (Nicholas on Holiday),
    2016, directed by Jakub Krofta

    KRÓL (King)
    in Krzesiwo (The Tinderbox),
    2016, directed by Jarosław Kilian

    in Karnawał zwierząt (The Carnival of the Animals),
    2017, directorial guidance by Grzegorz Feluś

    DON KICHOT (Don Quixote)
    in Don Kichot (Don Quixote),
    2017, directed by Adam Walny

    LEWIS CARROLL in Alicja w Krainie Czarów (Alice in Wonderland),
    2018, directed by Alexei Leliavsky

    PTAK ZIELONOPIÓRY (Fine Greenbird) in Ptak Zielonopióry (The Fine Greenbird),
    2019, directed by Jarosław Kilian