Beata Duda-Perzyna - Teatr Lalka



photo by Magda Hueckel



At Teatr Lalka since 1989. A graduate of the Puppetry Department at the Aleksander Zelwerowicz State Academy of Drama in Białystok (1989).

She collaborates with the Polish Television ABC program Moliki książkowe (The Little Bookworms).

Duda-Perzyna runs the workshop Ele-mele-dudki and shows around the theatre. She participates in theatre projects in the Open Stage program with children from children’s homes and educational care facilities.

At the meetings of authors with their readers Duda-Perzyna reads fragments of their novels.

Awarded first prize for acting for her role of Anioł (Angel) in Jan Tajemnik (John the Mysterious), directed by Ewa Sokół-Malesza, at the 15th National Puppet Theatre Festival in Opole in 1991.

Awarded honourable mention for her role of Pingwin III (Penguin III) in Na arce o ósmej (Meet at the Ark at Eight), directed by Agata Biziuk, at the 15th Korczak International Festival of Theatres for Children and Young People in 2011.


My favourite role? Ask the spectators.

Roles in some of Teatr Lalka’s productions:

    ANIOŁ (Angel)
    in Jan Tajemnik (John the Mysterious),
    1991, directed by Ewa Sokół-Malesza

    in Szopka krakowska (Kraków Nativity Play),
    1989, directed by Bohdan Radkowski

    PIĘKNA (Beauty)
    in Bestia i Piękna (Beast and the Beauty),
    1994, directed by Jarosław Kilian

    GENOWEFA (Genevieve)
    in Spowiedź w drewnie (A Confession in Wood),
    1995, directed by Jan Wilkowski

    in Rudy Dżil i jego pies (Red-haired Giles and His Dog),
    1996, directed by Ondrej Spišák

    WIEDŹMA (Witch)
    in Makbet (Macbeth),
    1996, directed by Marek Tyszkiewicz

    PENELOPA (Penelope)
    in Odyseja (Odyssey),
    1999, directed by Ondrej Spišák

    KOT BEHEMOT (Cat Behemoth)
    in Faust i inni (Faust and Others),
    2000, directed by Maciej Wojtyszko

    WYBRANKA KSIĘCIA (Prince’s sweetheart)
    in Mała Syrena (The Little Mermaid),
    2000, directed by Petr Nosálek

    MATKA (Mother)
    in Król Olch (The Erlking),
    2003, directed by Marek Ciunel

    in Królowa śniegu (The Snow Queen)
    2003, directed by Ewa Sokół-Malesza

    RÓŻYCZKA (Rose)
    in Kopciuszek (Cinderella),
    2004, directed by Josef Krofta

    KOTKA (Cat)
    in Urodziny pieska i kotki (The Birthday of the Dog and the Cat)
    2004, directed by Lech Chojnacki

    in Buratino,
    2004, directed by Ondrej Spišák

    INFANTKA (Infanta)
    in Urodziny infantki (The Birthday of the Infanta),
    2005, directed by Marcin Jarnuszkiewicz

    BLADA (The Pale One)
    in Ostatni tatuś (The Last Daddy),
    2007, directed by Michał Walczak

    ASYSTENTKA (Assistant)
    in Księżniczka i ziarnko grochu (The Princess and the Pea),
    2007, directed by Paweł Aigner

    WIEDŹMA (Witch)
    in Wiedźmy (The Witches),
    2008, directed by Agnieszka Glińska

    PINGWIN III (Penguin III)
    in Na arce o ósmej (Meet at the Ark at Eight),
    2010, directed by Agata Biziuk

    in Anna. Brzydkie kaczątko (Anna, the Ugly Duckling),
    2016, directed by Marek Zákostelecký

    KSIĘŻNICZKA (Princess)
    in Krzesiwo (The Tinderbox),
    2016, directed by Jarosław Kilian

    in Mater Dolorosa,
    2017, directed by Daria Kopiec

    ŻONA SANCHO PANSY (Sancho Panza’s wife)
    in Don Kichot (Don Quixote),
    2017, directed by Adam Wolny

    NINETTA in Ptak Zielopióry (The Fine Greenbird),
    2019, direcetd by Jarosław Kilian