The Mermaid/St Mary’s Church. Warsaw Legends - Teatr Lalka

For children aged 4+

The Mermaid/St Mary’s Church. Warsaw Legends

For children aged 4+


We invite viewers to a series of seven of the most beautiful Warsaw legends, presented on an intimate scale in various configurations. These familiar, local tales are written in beautiful Polish. They will delight children from primary school and their teachers with their language and narration, and remind them of wondrous stories—partly factual and partly imaginary.                                                          ***

Can the Mermaid’s wondrous song not only enchant, but also make people better and the world more beautiful? One of the most recognisable legends of Warsaw, about the mysterious figure living in the river, is told in an intimate staging, using everyday items that change their functions and meaning before the viewers’ eyes.

A miller and his wife want nothing more than to have their own child. Their dream may come true, but under one condition: in a sign of gratitude for their answered prayers, they erect a church on the Vistula in honour of the Virgin Mary. The church has been familiar to generations of Varsovians, but not everyone knows that its fairy-tale history is connected to flour.

With funding from the National Centre for Culture under the Online Culture Programme.

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