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The Puppet Theatre Primer

The Puppet Theatre Primer (Elementarz teatru lalek), the latest publication from Teatr Lalka, will be released in December 2018 (in Polish). It is intended for all generations, and especially children. This richly illustrated book is designed to promote broader knowledge of puppet theatre. In an accessible manner, it acquaints readers with puppeteering techniques and traditions. It provides instructions and scenarios allowing readers to stage their own puppet shows at home using simple materials. 


From the introduction:
“In the 19th century your great- great- grandparents amused themselves with the paper theatres popular at that time. With this drawing-room entertainment, they could unleash their fantasies and build a home stage. Our illustrations indirectly draw on that tradition. The 19th-century prints beautifully illustrate the timeless need for theatrical play in domestic settings, everyday contact with art, both mimicking reality and enchanting it. … Our wish for you, our dear readers and magicians, is for your imagination, inspired by this book, to bring life to everyday objects and share your spirit with animated puppets you create out of sticks, rags, yarn, bobbins, paper, and other common materials.”
—the authors — Robert Czajka, Jarosław Kilian and Aleksandra Rembowska

The book is published with support from the Fund for Promotion of Culture at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Culture Office of the City of Warsaw.




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