A Ukrainian mother for Ukrainian children - Teatr Lalka


A Ukrainian mother for Ukrainian children

Integration workshops for children from Polish and Ukrainian classes.

To destroy a nation, the first thing the enemy does is destroy that nation’s culture.
What is culture, and who is its carrier?
Culture is a combination of human knowledge, beliefs, and standards of behaviour, which we acquire and then pass on to future generations.
And thus bombardment and shooting of civilians, and of maternity hospitals, in our Ukraine—this is intentional destruction of a nation. Because the main carrier of our culture throughout the world is the WOMAN, the MOTHER, who conveys the nation’s code to her children through her milk. First through language, lullabies and fairy tales, later through epics, ballads, legends, folk songs, dance, traditions, customs, poetry, music, theatre, decorative arts, cuisine, folk costumes, and much more.
We start with Ukrainian literary language, because language is the identifier of a people.
There will also be Ukrainian lullabies. But before we start to learn lullabies, we will make a traditional Ukrainian motanka doll. So there’s someone to rock in the cradle while we sing a lullaby….

Workshops for Ukrainian and Polish children—agenda for sessions:
1. Ukrainian literary language
2. Motanka dolls
3. Ukrainian lullabies
4. Ukrainian dress (crown, necklace, embroidered blouse, skirt, belt, shoes, bag)
5. Ukrainian traditions and customs
6. Ukrainian songs
7. Ukrainian dances
8. Ukrainian cuisine

For audiences age 7+. 
Duration: 60 min.


Integration workshops for schools are free of charge.
Advance reservations required. Groups of up to 25 people.
Reservations can be made through Audience Services: 
tel. +48 22 656 69 57


Venera Ibragimova
Theatre and film actress, director, artistic director of the Salamandra Dramatic and Puppet Theatre, long-time artist at the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre, lecturer in acting and stage language at the Ivan Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film and Television, model, member of the Dibrova Folklore and Ethnographic Group, member of the Ukrainian Centre of the International Union of Puppet Theatre UNIMA-Ukraine.

Artistic Residencies

The Lalka Theater takes part in the Zbigniew Raszewski, an artistic residency program for authors from Belarus and Ukraine.