JOSEPH_KIDS - Teatr Lalka

For children aged 4+


Duration: 60 minutes

Author: Alessandro Sciarroni 

Cast: Michele Di Stefano and Marco

For children aged 4+


The performance is a new version of Sciarroni’s first solo work Joseph (2011). Kids extension reveals the new target audience. This 
work aims to show children how technological tools can be potential carriers of creativity and not the cause of mere alienation. The title character is a lonely man in front of his laptop’s camera testing the ways he presents himself. His image is projected, deformed, doubled, deconstructed via the webcam and the application of basic video effects. An amusing and intriguing dialogue between the dancer and the camera is witnessed by the audience who can also watch themselves and their own reactions.
Alessandro Sciarroni has already been a guest of Body/Mind Festival, last time in 2017 when he presented his “theatrical Oscar” winner, Aurora

Organizers: Body/Mind Fundation - Performing Europe 2020. The production has been sposnsored by Advancing Performing Arts Project, Warsaw City Council and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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